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do the world a favor and march yourself into the ocean.

This song is dedicated to you, McCance:

Your level of douchebaggery amazes me,


Dear BP,

I look forward to your contributions to my campaign.


– Rand Paul

…and unhappily married ones, I guess.

Sorry, women of Earth, but I’m now officially taken.

I tried filming the entire thing but for some reason the Flip didn’t work, so Kathy and I filmed two recreations. The first one is a yes:

The second one is a no:

My favorite reaction so far? This one from Kathy’s father:

Kathy: Justin proposed to me!

Mr. Bryja: Are you pregnant?

More details to come, especially about the ring that I had made by artist Josh Murray. Stay tuned.

Who’d’ve thunk it,


Sarah Palin

I’ll be in San Diego this Sunday and therefore won’t be able to Blarg on your last day in office as Alaska’s governor.

But before you go, I wanted to say this: Bye. Now please disappear into complete obscurity.



Old Poop!