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…and I have to admit that I really dig his work.

Hewitt recently self-published a mini art book of monkeys and apes! Each book is only $7 (shipping included) and comes with a signed original sketch inside!

For a few bucks more ($20) you can get your hands on the book and an original page of art from the book! (Hewitt was also offering four wooden monkey sculptures for $50 but they sold out!)

Click here to learn more about Hewitt, monkeys, apes and art.

Hey, hey, we’re the monkeys,


…containing a bunch of MP3s a few months ago.

I finally got around to burning the music onto individual CDs (I’m a stereo purist when it comes to music), but I found myself struggling with throwing the CDs away once I was done with them!

I thought about tacking them up on the wall but eventually decided against it. I finally (begrudgingly) threw the discs away, but not before I shot a quick photo of them.

Two Dwellephant originals now sit at the bottom of a garbage can. Sigh.

I’ll regret this in twenty years,


Old Poop!