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…is on the tree!

The 2017 Krampus ornament!

It was made by Professional Dreamer Studios out of Janesville, Wisconsin. Check out their Wondercaravan Etsy shop here.

Three and counting,


Here’s 2016’s ornament!

Grey's 2016 Krampus ornament from Wenn's Weird Creations.

It was made by Wenn’s Weird Creations out of Millerstown, Pennsylvania. Check out more of their weird creations here.

Last year’s (and Grey’s first) Krampus ornament,


Her first Christmas ornament?

Tranifer Lovely's Wonky Critters Krampus Christmas ornament!

It was a very Krampus Christmas,


Black Santa is the only REAL SANTA!

White women can’t report,


Old Poop!