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…my dad had a passing, chance encounter with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in downtown Milwaukee. At the time, Kareem was playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

For decades, my dad has told and re-told this story, about how he happened upon Kareem when he was exiting a big and tall store, and how my dad was caught by surprise by the interaction and didn’t say anything to Kareem as he passed by.

About a month ago, I had the idea to contact Kareem and see if he’d send my dad a signed photo, and possibly say something about how he remembered running into him all those decades ago.

I never got a response to my email, but last week my dad got this in the mail:

To Ron, From Kareem

So insanely badass.

Big thanks to Kareem for being a good sport about it… and for giving my dad a second amazing story to tell.

Gonna have to get him a frame,


Father + Son = Beer-Brewing Buddies!

…to my awesome, beer-brewing buddy!

Love ya, Dad!

Papa’s got a brand new batch,


Old Poop!