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this print from my good friend Amanda Hope Cook, I also bought this print as a belated Christmas gift for my sister Bethany!

"Planters Peanuts" by Amanda Hope Cook!

Couldn’t post it until I gave it to her,


"Goody Boy" by Amanda Hope Cook.

…of the Michael’s Goody Boy Diner sign in Columbus, Ohio.

From May 1999 to July 2003, I lived just a few blocks away from Goody Boy. I saw that sign nearly every day for over four years. It’s pure nostalgia for me. And one hell of a painting.

Learn more about Amanda and her work (and then buy some) here.

Yep, that’s a painting,


It's back.

As fate would have it, last week, KB blindly picked it during a holiday party’s white elephant gift exchange.

It’s now hanging in our living room… behind our front door,


…I don’t think I’d enter the bar in Berlin that has this scary painting on its door.

Not... sure... what's... happening... here.

I guess they’ve been warned,


…my Grandpa Hi-Guy painted a portrait of Yogi Bear on my then-infant mother’s bedroom wall. When they moved out of the house years later, Hi-Guy cut the painting out of the drywall and took it with him.

Today, Hi-Guy’s painting is still proudly on display in my mother’s home.

A Hi-Guy original… just like his jar of noses,


…is a fantastic painter. He also happens to be making a push to drum up some new work, including both freelance and commissions.

He’s great at landscapes and plein air work:

Carl Bork plein air painting

Carl Bork landscape painting

And equally as awesome at portraiture, including these two pieces of his wife Karen Watkins and our mutual friend Marla Campbell, respectively:

Carl Bork portrait painting

Carl Bork figure painting

Here’s a self-portrait he did looking all Abraham Lincoln-y:

Carl Bork self-portrait painting

He even did a portrait of yours truly a few years back:

Carl Bork portrait painting

So instead of buying some mass-produced wall garbage from Target and hanging it in your dining room, contact Carl through his website here and see about getting yourself some real one-of-a-kind artwork.

I want Carl to paint me as Nixon,


Old Poop!