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…in this James Bond parody.

He dies good,


…I’m sure many of you have seen Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop.”

But have you seen my good friend Jaq’s parody video (titled “Meth Shop”) yet?

His teeth aren’t like that,


…for this “OC Weekly” article.

Done for the week,


Two months,


…from “Sesame Street,” and it is a fun segment; but what’s really great about the skit is that the legendary Frank Oz plays the lead character, Mr. Draper.

What’s awesome about this is that it’s Frank’s first “Sesame Street” performance in nearly 15 years. Bert, Grover and Cookie Monster haven’t been the same since.

Check it out here:

Weird hearing a “Sesame Street” version of Rjd2’s opening song,



Check out this video:

Then click here and read the moronic comments people left about the video.


Thanks to Dwellephant for sending that my way this morning.

Let’s put bombs in morons’ heads,


Old Poop!