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You were comment #10,000 here on the The Blarg!

10,000 comments on "The Blarg"!

Paul Spooner: Super Commenter
Now on to 20,000,


…I posted this about a real road in Ohio called Fangboner Road.

“Blarg” super-fan Paul Spooner of the United Kingdom posted a comment stating that he lived near a town called… ahem… Cockermouth. As you’d expect, I asked him to send a photo.

This morning, I woke up to an email with this attachment:

That sign is more awesome than I could have hoped for.

I couldn’t make this shit up,


Paul Spooner won this contest last month, so I sent him one of my famous original drawings as a prize.

I told him that if he took a picture of it once it got to him in the United Kingdom I’d post the photo. Paul had his son Oscar hold the swear-filled drawing for the picture while they visited Cardiff Bay. Check it out! (Click on photo to view a larger version.)

Oscar holding original Justin Shady artwork at Cardiff Bay

Awesome job, Oscar! And thanks for sending it along, Paul!

I think that constitutes child abuse,


…is looking for some feedback on a photo project he’s currently working on.

You can check it out here on is blog.



…here’s your goddamn contest prize:

Crappy contest prize for Paul Spooner

Look for it in the mail… sometime.

Shipping overseas,


Old Poop!