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Two Pearsons and two Shadys walk into AC...

…for hosting a great (and balls-ass hot) weekend in Des Moines.

We really enjoyed their AC,



The youngest of Shadys and Pearsons!

We seriously see them more often than we see some of our parents,


…this past weekend!

Simon is kind of in there, promise.

And we love and miss you, Bowery.

We hope wherever you are right now is filled with tennis balls.

She'll always be one of the best.

Mr. Fabulous is wearing black (with patches of white) in mourning,


Des Pearsons in Des Moines!

…for the awesome visit in Des Moines.

Now it’s your turn to come here,


Another visit from the Pearsons!

And for all of that amazing beer you left behind,


We got some Pearson love!
…and the pint glasses.

Our turn to go to Des Moines,


Six out of seven shown.

…on their way to Michigan!

Breakfast and beers were had,


More Pearsons! In Los Angeles!

…for visiting this past weekend! As always, it was a blast.

Already back in Des Moines,


Someday we'll have a child... and this will be its first book.

That song is now stuck in my head… again,


Farewell, Pearsons!

Iowa wins,


Old Poop!