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Despicable Me (Universal)

1. It’s cute. It’s missing a lot of the adult undertones that other animated movies pepper throughout their films, but “Despicable Me” is still a genuinely adorable movie. Its most appreciative audience may skew a little young, but hey, we were all kids once, right? Everyone except Wilford Brimley, of course, who was born an 80-year-old man.

2. The film sports a bizarrely appropriate score (and original music) from Pharrell Williams. When it first kicked in I thought, “Uhhh… this is weird.” But as the movie continued the music’s fit became more obvious. I’m not going to be rushing out and buying the soundtrack, but it was a nice choice (and risk) that strayed from a standard animated score.

3. Steve Carell’s voice work of lead character Gru works. There are a few instances where it admittedly crosses over into the Mike Myers voice work realm (i.e. every voice sounds exactly the same), but overall his voice was a great match.

4. My biggest complaint: Gru’s nemesis Vector (as voiced by Jason Segel) is underused as a character. His scenes come across as more filler than fulfilling, and it would have been nice to see his character worked into the storyline a little bit better.

5. Kids are going to love this. Got a kid? Take ’em. They’ll love you. Don’t have a kid? Kidnap one and take ’em. Then return them to their parents so they can bug them to go see it again.

Expect a sequel,


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