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…and nearly every day, from March 1979 up until his death in October 1997, he took one Polaroid photo of his life.

Learn more about Jamie here, and check out the photos of his life here.

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…is pretty fantastic. Learn more here.

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About to hit up some rummage sales,


…featuring the city of Los Angeles at the start of World War II. Check out these ninety, newly-found photos from the famous photographer here.

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…you may have seen this photo of Dwellephant and me at the back of the book:

"Missing the Boat" creators

It’s our “about the author and illustrator” image. It was taken by our good friend (and also great photographer) Kat Berger. You can visit her website here.

I recently came across the disc of images from that photo shoot, and as I was flipping through the photos I remembered how hard it was for us to pick a favorite. So rather than let these images get buried in a CD booklet for the next fifty years or so (if I’m lucky), I’ve decided to share a few of them with you.

Neither Dwellephant nor I had any specific goal going into this shoot, other than the idea that we wanted my dog, Mr. Fabulous, in the photo with us. Out of the fifty-plus images that Kat shot, only three of them were “jumping” shots; of those three, I was fully in the air in only one of them.

The image above is the Dwellephant-doctored photo we used for the book. The following photo is the original before Dwellephant got his hands on it:

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

And here are a few of the more interesting shots from the shoot. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Justin Shady, Dwellephant and Mr. Fabulous

Thanks again to Kat for doing the shoot! I can’t believe that was over a year ago.

New photos of Shady and Dwellephant unearthed,


…now featuring pictures of devastating fire!

Los Angeles' Station Fire!


Felvis at Disneyland!

And mothers with white wine!

Ma Shady with some white wine!

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Film is dead,


…featuring a few pictures of this guy:

Flickr update: Mickey Mouse

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We parked in Donald,


I just uploaded some photos from the Fourth of July holiday weekend. This batch includes photos of Batcaves!

The Bronson Caves at Griffith Park


Karen's eggplant!

And more pictures of cigars!

Shady and cigar

Check all of ’em out here.

To the Batmobile,


And this update comes with photos of cigars:


Cheddar cheese ‘n’ bacon French toast:

Cheddar cheese 'n' bacon French toast

And children reading “The Satanic Bible”:

Anton Szandor LaVey's "The Satanic Bible"

Enjoy the update here!

Food, smokes and the Devil,


Featuring pictures from Dwellephant and Dori Zori’s recent trip to the Sunshine State.

Dig it here!

Photos are the new words,


Old Poop!