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Those were shot through a glass table in the waiting area.

I amuse me,


Right next to her grandma in the photo album.

Those are tame compared to what’s probably out there somewhere.

Never gonna be able to run for political office,


Anya as a leopard!

Greg as a fox!

Trent Reznor as a lion!

…and something tells me you’ll do the same thing after reading this post.

I wanna be a tiger,


Demon child!

I think she’s possessed,


…is just around the corner, and with it a lot of faces like these:

See more here.

Laughed so hard at a few of them that I cried,


…were posted on Facebook by my family last week.

They’re both great, so I thought I’d share them with you.

The first is a photo of my Grandpa Hi-Guy (also known as Robert Joseph Steib). In this photo, he’s poking a stick at the one creature he feared most: a snake. Maybe not a great idea, but definitely a great photo.

The second photo is of my Grandpa Shady (also known as Robert Kenneth Shady). In this photo, he’s sitting next to his mother, my Great Grandma Mary. He looks like Little Lord Fauntleroy here, doesn’t he?

Yep. Those are my grandfathers.

The Roberts,


 © 2011, Ellagraph Studios,

…for a whole lot of reasons.

Not only are they great friends, but KB and I were also fortunate enough to have them shoot our wedding last month.

Check out a few of the photos here.

If you live in the Milwaukee/Chicago area (or if you’re willing to pay for travel wherever you are) and are looking for photographers, we couldn’t recommend them any higher.

They’re the best,


…and shot a shitload of photos, for this article in “OC Weekly.”

Some of my finest work yet,


Picking up the spare,


My cousin Ann Marie is sending me photos from the ongoing massive protest in Madison against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attack on the middle class.

Posted this one earlier today. Here’s another:

Keep fighting,



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