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I first mentioned the genius David Thorne nearly three years ago in this post.

Today, Dwellephant sent me a link to this. Holy shit. It’s amazing.

I’m laughing so hard I’m crying,


I’m sure you’ve seen the ads/commercials for this cinematic nightmare:

Cinematic nightmare!

Well, if you look really closely at Matthew McConaughey’s eyes they’re a little… jacked. Like one of them is more open than the other, and he’s staring at me in a creepy, sleepy-eyed grin.

Here, check it out for yourself:

Matthew McConaughey's creepy eye!

Did he have a stroke? Or did they just happen to use an image where one of his eyes wasn’t entirely open? And, if so, couldn’t they have fixed it in Photoshop? I mean, they can put Brad Pitt’s face on a baby’s body, but they can’t open Matthew McConaughey’s eye for him?!?

Christ… don’t stare at it too long. It’s making me want to kill… again.

The only good movie starring Matthew McConaughey is… well, nothing,


Old Poop!