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John Yoo is the dickbag who worked in the Department of Justice under Dubya’s administration. He’s also the moron who played a key role in the administration’s justification of the use of torture on Abu Ghraib prisoners.

With his seedy glory days behind him, Yoo has turned to the college lecture circuit where he pollutes the minds of America’s youth with his bullshit rhetoric. He lectures at both Berkeley and Chapman University.

It was during one of these lectures that a guy from the Australian comedy show “The Chaser’s War on Everything” hopped up on his desk and started asking Yoo questions… while dressed like an Abu Ghraib prisoner.

Yoo awkwardly cancels the rest of the class, not knowing what to say or do next. He bumbles and fumbles around with some papers, and quickly makes his way for the door.

Does that make you uncomfortable, John Yoo? Not as uncomfortable as having your balls wired to a car battery, I’m sure.

Watch the hilarity unfold here:

The war criminal is Yoo,



Old Poop!