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…and all I got was this awesome postcard!



Thanks, guys!

I’ll get there someday,


Wrestling is fun-ish!

I think that’s a compliment,


I do this for two reasons.

The first reason is to touch base with loved ones…

Awww, what a cute kitty!

…but the other reason is to amuse myself when I happen upon an old postcard I sent them still stuck to their refrigerator years later.


I was too scared to post Milan and Dori’s postcard from Thailand,


Thanks, Bethany!

See you soon!

…but as of today I have gotten a postcard from there.

Rocks on,


So pretty.

Me either.

Not at all how I remembered it.

You ignore what you see everyday,


…for making me a little homesick today.

Thanks, Milan and Dori!

It's always fun to get mail!

I needed it,


…to our friends Bill and Sarah in San Francisco.

Recently, we’ve begun sending postcards back and forth between our dogs; we have a mutt named Mr. Fabulous, they have a golden retriever named Bowery.

I hope their mailman is able to put two and two together because otherwise this postcard is super creepy:

Mailmen must have a million stories,


…thank you so much for the postcard you sent me from Cave of the Mounds!

But seriously, who the hell are you?

Relocating from the North Pole,


Old Poop!