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…for this birthday gift…

Pretty awesome card...

…from artist Don Picton.

...and even more awesome print.

It really is,


An awesome Chaplin print from Salomon.

…for this Chaplin print!

It glows in the dark,


"Precious" by Jason Goad.

…specifically, this print—titled “Precious”—from the super talented Jason Goad.

Learn more about Goad, and get your own print, here.

It’s hanging across from Colonel Sanders,


Including this rodeo photo we received from our good friends Mark and Julius…


…this burglar cupid print we bought in Berlin…


…and this Mucca Pazza print created by Dwellephant.


Seriously running out of wall space,


this print from my good friend Amanda Hope Cook, I also bought this print as a belated Christmas gift for my sister Bethany!

"Planters Peanuts" by Amanda Hope Cook!

Couldn’t post it until I gave it to her,


"Goody Boy" by Amanda Hope Cook.

…of the Michael’s Goody Boy Diner sign in Columbus, Ohio.

From May 1999 to July 2003, I lived just a few blocks away from Goody Boy. I saw that sign nearly every day for over four years. It’s pure nostalgia for me. And one hell of a painting.

Learn more about Amanda and her work (and then buy some) here.

Yep, that’s a painting,


"The Shining" by Josh Cooley.

…for sending us this awesome Josh Cooley print inspired by The Shining!

We’ll love it forever… and ever… and ever,


…thanks to whomever bought KB and me this awesome print from The Little Friends of Printmaking!

Please let us know who actually bought it so we can thank you properly!

Mystery gifted,


Old Poop!