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…including these two prints by Berlin artist Dirk Verschure

Dirk Verschure!

the painting of our three beasts by our good friend Jason “McFly” Kincaid

Three beasts by Jason "McFly" Kincaid!

…our good friend Marla Campbell’s original portraits of Mr. Fabulous…

Mr. Fabulous by Marla Campbell!


Meatshake by Marla Campbell!

…and Heisenberg…

Heisenberg by Marla Campbell!

…this “Being Bill Murray” print by Spain-based illustrator Loren

"Being Bill Murray" by Loren!

…this Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog print by Austin-based artist(s) We Call Ourselves An Institute

Jim and Kermit by We Call Ourselves An Institute!

…this print from Hungarian artist Aman


…and finally, this original pen and ink illustration that also created by our good friend Marla Campbell.

Marla Campbell!

Needless to say, our walls are quickly filling up.

Fifty (give or take) more pieces to go,


Yesterday, the 50 States Design Project “liked” this post on “The Blarg.”

After checking out their site (or, more accurately, his site as its the passion project of one guy: Joshua Best), I decided to “like” it back by writing up this short post.

Learn more about the 50 States Design Project here.

I can’t wait for Wisconsin,


…for this “OC Weekly” article.

Me want,


…that will be out later this year. My longtime friend Jeremy R. Scott (also known in larger circles as Jocco) will be illustrating it.

I’ll definitely be talking more about the book here in the next few weeks, but I wanted to spread the word about Jeremy’s new website. More specifically, about the online store section where he sells limited edition prints.

Jeremy’s been busy these past few months making new pieces based on a whole slew of pop culture yumminess including “Star Trek,” “Shaun of the Dead” and numerous Batman villains, to name a few.

Here are a few examples!

The Joker

"Shaun of the Dead"

"Star Trek"

The prints are a pretty good size (13 inches by 19 inches), a pretty good price ($30) and signed by Jeremy (priceless)!

So hop on over to his store here, and be sure to check out his actual site here when you’re done.

Nice work, Jeremy. Proud to finally be doing a book with you.

He’ll always be Jocco to me,


Old Poop!