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If you know me, you know I try not to talk about upcoming projects until they become more… structurally sound. One of said projects is The Roberts, which will be the film adaptation of the graphic novel I wrote (and Erik Rose illustrated) that was first published in 2008.

Bringing The Roberts to the silver screen is what initially brought us to L.A. seven years ago. Since then, the project has gone through a lot of ups and downs, but a couple years ago The Roberts fell into a groove with producing team (and husband and wife) Elliott Lewitt and Julie Kirkham.

Julie had a long history of working with up-and-coming writers, helping them hone their voice and develop their scripts to their maximum potential. And so, when The Roberts got underway with Elliott and Julie producing, we started by looking at the first draft of my adapted script… and then going through a series of rewrites. While Elliott was also involved in this process early on, I worked primarily with Julie in those days, rewriting, rewriting, and rewriting again each new draft of the script.

Writers are a divisive, highly opinionated lot, but there is one thing we can all agree on: booze. Oh, and one other thing: that the current draft of a script is the best draft that will ever exist.

Julie knew otherwise, doing what she did best: pushing me to pen a sharper and smarter version of The Roberts. After months of meetings, rewrites, more meetings and rewrites, the script finally got to a place where we all felt confident in sending it out to talent.

Sadly, Julie passed away last week. The details of this are unimportant. What is important, however, is that I got to know her, work with her, and develop The Roberts alongside her.

When the movie finally gets made, which it will, both her name and her fingerprint will be on it. And now, more than ever, I hope to make her proud of that final outcome.

She is, and will forever be, missed.


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