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Carved pumpkins! A week late!

…a week after Halloween.

Don’t judge us! Things have been crazy!

Still, we had fun carving last night and think they turned out alright for having it been so delayed and rushed. Also, we really wanted to eat the seeds.

Seeds. Delicious seeds.

The official end of my favorite holiday,



2016 pumpkins!

As some of you may know, Grey loves making this scary face.

Grey face!

So we decided it was only appropriate to carve that face into her pumpkin.

Grey pumpkin!

Beth did an awesome carve of the “snake creature” from Beetlejuice. We’ve come for your daughter, Chuck!

"We've come for your daughter, Chuck!"

For her second Halloween costume, Grey decided to go as John Belushi as a Killer Bee from Saturday Night Live. This is keeping with her “going as someone as someone” tradition.


She thinks she pulled it off pretty well…

Grey Bee-lushi!

…and she especially liked her stinger.

Now with more stinger!

KB and I opted for the Martians of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Martians!

Here we are in action:

Happy Halloween from the Shadys!

The real most wonderful time of the year,



October was nuts… so was November,


The seeds aren't nearly as tasty.


Let’s carve ’em,


…for best decorated. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Not only is the cat two stories tall, and it straddles the sidewalk allowing people to walk underneath it, but its head also turns from side to side!

Holy crap!

They should have a Halloween-off with Jorge,


It’s not my birthday or Christmas or even Lincoln’s birthday. No, my favorite day of the year is the day of our annual pumpkin picking event back home.

I can’t wait.

Wherever you are this weekend, enjoy autumn! I know I will.

Oh yes… there will be beer,


Old Poop!