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We Live In Public (Interloper Films)

"We Live In Public"

1. In December 1999, one hundred strangers entered the “Quiet Project.” The brainchild of dot-com tycoon Josh Harris, “Quiet” was a pod motel set up in the basement of a New York City building; for the period of a month, its inhabitants would live, eat, shit, drink, shower and fuck out in the open in front of the project’s other dwellers. Everything was provided, from food and booze to drugs and firearms. And the whole event, every second of that month, would be captured on film forever. Now, go back and read that entire paragraph again. Actually, better yet, just watch the trailer:

2. Director Ondi Timoner (of “DiG!” fame) returns with this intense and terrifying look into the roller-coaster life of Harris; along the way, we realize how frail the human psyche can become when one’s every move is broadcast for the world to witness. You know, with things like blogs and Twitter and Facebook and Blip and Flickr… all of which I maintain accounts on.

3. The film’s subject, Josh Harris, is easily one of the top-ten best film villains of the past decade. Unfortunately for Harris, “We Live In Public” is a documentary and not a fictional narrative.

4. Filmed over a ten-year span, and edited down from over 5,000 hours of footage, Timoner has done a brilliant job at giving her audience those elements that are absolutely necessary to move the story along. With that much footage captured, she easily could have edited out the nastiness of the story, manipulating the audience’s opinion along the way. Instead, the film feels as raw and honest as it should. Kudos to Timoner for leaving the ugliness in.

5. “We Live In Public” left me feeling embarassed for Harris, ashamed of what humans are capable of, and terrified for the future that lies ahead. I can’t wait to see it again.

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