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…(pun intended) while researching characters for this Shady’s Short.

Yes, accuracy is important, even when dealing with the Masters of the Universe.

Anyway, while doing so, I stumbled across this obscure character:

Definitely never had that action figure.

His name is Plundor the Spoiler, ruler of Trannis. Whatever the hell that means.

I’m not sure if it’s Plundor’s knee-high boots or his tighty-maroonies with a hole cut out of the butt for his fluffy tail to poke through, but he is easily the most fabulous man-rabbit—Or is it man-bunny?—I’ve ever come across.

And I thought Fisto was over the top,


…who is currently living in New York, sent me these photos last week.

The Syfy Network, looking to promote their “Alice” miniseries, sent a bunch of bunnies marching through the streets of Manhattan last week.

Their heads aren’t nearly as disturbing as their creepy necks. Yikes!

Anyway, here are a few photos from the event. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Rabbits from Syfy's Alice miniseries

Rabbits from Syfy's Alice miniseries

Rabbits from Syfy's Alice miniseries

Michelle with a Rabbit from Syfy's Alice miniseries

Thanks for sending ’em along, Michelle!

Down the rabbit hole,


Old Poop!