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Beach bums!

…for coming on down for some beach fun a few weeks ago!

No more beach fun for awhile,


More visiting humans!

…for hanging out with the family a few weeks ago!

It was like Christmas cookie baking all over again… minus the trips to urgent care.

My mom thought that doll was West,


The 2017 Christmas Cookie Crew!

…even if our baking was slightly interrupted by two separate trips to urgent care!

Let’s keep it going this Saturday!

Missing the rest of the 2016 crew,


More! Visitors!

It was a great time… save for the restaurant meltdown,


Suck it, 2016!

And then we watched Die Hard,


…last weekend for a Christmas cookie bakeoff!

The Christmas cookie baking crew!

We also failed miserably at getting out of a zombie escape room.

Zombie escape room fail!

We still have two rounds of visitors before 2017 hits,


It's a Rachel visit!

…even if it was for less than 24 hours.

Racking up the guests,



…and we get gigantic candy dots!

Luckily, I have a gigantic mouth,


Big Nerds.

Big deal, Rachel. Look what Jorge bought me.

Big nerd.

I win,


We hit up burgers and beer,


Old Poop!