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…for throwing in this t-shirt when I bought the newest issue of n8tch!


Check out n8tch here.

Catching up by cranking out posts,


Issue #3 of "n8tch" (AKA “Notch Eight”).

As I mentioned back in September, a good friend of mine started publishing a railroad zine called n8tch (AKA “Notch Eight”).

The newest issue is out, so order your copy here.

More bathroom reading material,



…about life on the rails.

n8tch (AKA “Notch Eight”) is filled with stunning imagery and interesting stories about railfans, railcar graffiti, and what it’s like to spend most of your days (and nights) on a train.

Pick up your own copies (it’s on its second issue) of n8tch here, check out their Tumblr page here, and follow them on Instagram here.

Makes me nostalgic for those old interlocutor days,


Old Poop!