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Like, seriously.

I was in the middle of reading José Andrés’ We Fed an Island when I stopped. (Milan, I’ll get your copy back to you soon.) Why? It was all just too depressing. The book, yes, but also life in general at the time.

I didn’t read one word out of a book in the entirety of 2021. It’s insane for me to even type that out because I love to read. But at the time I just had this feeling of… I don’t know. What does it matter? I guess that sounds about right.

Anyway, after nearly a year and a half of not reading, I finally picked up a book. I started with American Cult: A Graphic History of Religious Cults in America from the Colonial Era to Today, which is an anthology graphic novel published by Robyn Chapman of Paper Rocket Minicomics and Avi Ehrlich of Silver Sprocket. It collects 18 different stories about, you know, American cults.

"American Cult: A Graphic History of Religious Cults in America from the Colonial Era to Today"

It was a quick but fun read. If cults are your thing — learning about them, not joining them — check it out.

Next up is Marx (A Brief Insight) by Peter Singer.

"Marx (A Brief Insight)"

I came across this one in a Little Free Library near our place and figured I’d give it a try. Admittedly, I know little about Marx, but I am excited to learn more about him while also freaking out my father-in-law in the process.

It feels pretty good to have fallen off the non-reading wagon. Maybe it’s a sign I’m finally becoming more hopeful for the future. That, or I’m just bored to death.

Gotta be one of those two,


With an appearance from West!

…and so I’m now on to a book Dwellephant lent to me: José Andrés’ We Fed an Island: The True Story of Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Meal at a Time.

That last one was a hefty read,


Jim Quillen’s memoir, and I’m now on to a book I’ve been looking forward to reading for a long time: Beastie Boys Book by Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond.

I strap on my ear goggles and I'm ready to go!

This next one is… the first song… on our new album,



Now, mid-pandemic, I’ve moved on to Jim Quillen’s Alcatraz From Inside.

"Alcatraz From Inside" by Jim Quillen.

Quillen was an inmate at Alcatraz from 1942 to 1952.

On Friday, July 22nd, 1994, at the age of 17, I made my first visit to Alcatraz. After the tour we were herded out through the gift shop where Jim was set up at a table selling copies of his book. I bought a copy. He inscribed it.

Twenty-six years ago.

For whatever reason, I’ve yet to read his book. Quillen died just four years after I met him, in 1998 at the age of 79. Now, 22 years after his death, and 26 years after I met him, I’ve finally decided to give it a read.

If you’re interested in picking up your own copy click here.

I’m reading so much less with two kids in the house at all times,


"The Devil In The White City" by Erik Larson.

Fleabag, but I’m now on to The Devil In The White City by Erik Larson.

Gonna put the lotion in the basket next go around,


Phoebe Waller-Bridge's "Fleabag: The Scriptures."

Haunted, and am now on to Fleabag: The Scriptures by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, which is a collection of the scripts from the show’s two seasons.

Reading the scripts is making me want to rewatch the entire series which, if you know me, is something I never do.

I’m sure it will pass,


PS: Special shoutout and thanks to Milan and Dori for the book!

"Haunted" by Chuck Palahniuk... and decorated by Grey Danger.

Brave New World a bit ago and am now on to Chuck Palahniuk’s Haunted.

Obviously, the Minnie and Daisy stickers are a Grey Danger addition.

I like Chuck’s work, but for some reason I had never read this one. It’s weird, I definitely prefer factual, more historical books, but I’ve been on a bit of a fictional kick recently. My next one is fiction as well, which will make three in a row. Very odd. I barely recognize myself anymore!

Anyway, if you get a second, let me know what you’re reading in the comments. Other than the Bible, of course.

Fictual should be a word,


"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.

The Library Book a bit ago and sent it off to my good friend Cesar.

I’m now about halfway through Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, which is a book I was supposed to read in high school but somehow never did.

To be honest, there are a lot of books I was supposed to read in high school but never did because, you know, I was a slacker who had an aversion to homework.

Anyway, I’ll be wrapping up 2019 with this one, and then jumping into something a little different in January.

Now going by Justin the Savage,


…and so I finished this forever ago.

Since then, I moved on to Susan Orlean’s The Library Book.

"The Library Book" by Susan Orlean.

I promise to get better about updating soon,


"The Girl In Alfred Hitchcock's Shower" by Robert Graysmith.

Duplassing it up, and am now on to my second Robert Graysmith book of the year: The Girl In Alfred Hitchcock’s Shower.

A book about books is next,


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