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Too bad I’m an atheist,


That is all,


I’m damn proud to be a Wisconsinite today!



You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

If you’re a white, millionaire male and you voted for the GOP in this recall election, I get it. You’re serving those who serve you.

But if you’re anything but the above niche group, you need to open your fucking eyes and realize that you’re blindly serving a party that could give two shits if you live or fucking die.

Keep voting against your best interests, morons; us sane people will continue to mock you.

Someone needs to kick the living shit out of Scott Walker (and yes, I realize in this post-Gabrielle-Giffords-assassination-attempt world that’s not the PC thing to say, but I’m fucking pissed so fuck off),


PS: Waukesha County is the new Florida.

…and make me proud.

Walker’s next,


Old Poop!