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I was offended to find out that you live in America.

I think I was very civil, and my point was well made.



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In case you didn’t hear, the RNC just named former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele as chairman of the party.

Learn more about it here if you’re interested.

Steele beat out four other challengers, including incumbent party chief Mike Duncan and former Tennessee GOP leader Chip Saltsman.

Saltsman, as you may remember, became “famous” last December when he handed out CDs featuring the track “Barack the Magic Negro” to family and friends.

And yet here we are, an historical day on which the Republic party elects its first African American to head their organization. It’s awe-inspiring to see just how far these conservatives have come in… weeks.

Let’s be blunt, shall we? If Obama wasn’t president, Steele wouldn’t be RNC chairman. Period.

What a blatant attempt by the RNC to appear “down.” You know what I am saying, my dogs? They like everything black, like rap-hop, that funny Bernard Mac guy, and fried chicken!

To the RNC, Steele is nothing more than “my black friend”–something to mention over and over, again and again just to prove how “accepting” they really are.

But let’s be honest here, folks. It’s just another attempt to mimic the recent success of the DNC, as if simply by nominating a black person to a high-ranking position you’re guaranteed to win over the black population.

Come on.

It’s no coincidence that Hillary Clinton ran for office and then, months later, Sarah Palin was asked by McCain to be his running mate. Just like it’s no coincidence that just ten days after Obama is sworn into office, Michael Steele is named chairman of the RNC.

You really think you’re gonna change the face of your party with the Sarah Palins and Michael Steeles of the world? Not likely. Nice try, though.

Maybe you’ll have it figured out by 2012. But let’s hope not.

Back in black,


Old Poop!