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KB and I are heading up north for the weekend!

On our agenda:

1) Pixar!

2) The Walt Disney Family Museum!

3) Alcatraz!

Oh, and we’ll see our friends Sarah and Bill, too.

I won’t be updating “The Blarg” while we’re gone, but feel free to follow our adventure on Twitter and Twitpic if you don’t have anything better to do. You should have something better to do, but if you don’t be my guest.

Have a great Fourth of July, folks!



…and I shot a few (phone) photos along the way! Enjoy!

The dogs played in the water… and one of them got Cold Water Tail.

We made chili and drank a lot of booze!

And we saw a bunch of this crap, too.

I really have to update my Flickr account,


KB and I took a quick road trip this past weekend up to wine country in Paso Robles, California! Here are a few (phone) photos from our trip!

Limp-wristing it through the west!

KIDS EAT FREE BEEF! (They’ve also laid off gloom, doom and bad news.)

Giant beer from F. McLintocks!

Giant appetizer from F. McLintocks!

Empty coffee and eggs Benedict from Odyssey World Cafe!

Eagle Castle vineyard!

Empty tasting glass from Red Soles!

KB making a friend at Lone Madrone!

Beer sampler at Firestone Walker Brewing Company!

Heading back home with the sun in our rear-view!

Red hills!

I took better shots with my real camera,


…two three-day weekends to be exact, so we thought we’d take a couple of short road trips. We had two separate destinations in mind: The Grand Canyon and Tombstone; two awesome ideas for quick little getaways.

And then we realized that both destinations are located in the state of Arizona. If you remember, late last week Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed a racist bill into state law. Click here to learn more.

In protest of this bill several cities and states have launched boycotts against the state of Arizona, encouraging citizens not to spend one penny in the state until the bill is killed. And so, instead of the Grand Canyon and Tombstone, Kathy and I will be heading to Napa Valley and Catalina Island.

If you’re not from Arizona but have the potential to spend money within the state, don’t. If you’re from Arizona and think this bill is an atrocity, write Governor Brewer and let her know:

The Dishonorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona

Or call her:

Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free (800) 253-0883

Or fax her:

Fax (602) 542-1381

Or email her by clicking here.

Putting Arizona in a fiscal choke hold,


Look for my Twitter and Twitpic updates from Sin City!

Know when to hold ’em,


Old Poop!