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…Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Thank Christ.

What did I learn? To never read books on a laptop, phone, iPad, etc. Seriously, for whatever reason, it takes me forever.

Anyway, I’m now reading a book I’ve surprisingly never read before: Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I can't not see Gene Wilder.

Quite a departure from the insanity of the Trump White House.

While I’m reading this one I’m also going to be reading two graphic novels that were recommended to me by my good friend Erik Rose. They are the first installment of Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, and The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy, David Fincher, Matz, and Miles Hyman.

Ping-ponging back and forth between the sweet and the sadistic.

It’s always important to balance out your children’s literature with stories of demon possession and horrifically violent murder.

Sedaris is next,


Don Ivan Punchatz: 1936-2009…he was 73.

About six years ago, back when we were running “Sketchbook” on “Tastes Like Chicken” and not here on “The Blarg,” Don emailed me and asked to be added to the assignment list. I did just that, not really knowing much about the man other than the fact that he was a fan of the site and lived in Texas.

As it turns out, Don was an extremely accomplished illustrator who studied under legendary cartoonist Burne Hogarth. Punchatz himself had created work for numerous magazines, including “Heavy Metal,” “National Lampoon,” “National Geographic,” “Playboy” and “Time,” among others. Yet here he was, wanting to be a part of a little magazine that I was running out of my bedroom.

Over time, we became friends. A new issue of “TLC” would go live or hit stands, and Don was always there to throw a “congrats” or a “job well done” my way. We communicated mostly through email, but every once in awhile the phone would ring and Don would be on the other end, ready to shoot the shit for an hour or so and catch up on all things “Chicken.”

I never really thought about it much back then because, at the time, Don was just one of many people contributing regularly to the magazine. But looking back on it now, I’m flattered to know that a guy going on 70 years old–a man who had seen and done so much in the art world over the decades–had such an appreciation for something we were making.

So here’s to Don: a supportive friend, a great artist, a fellow creative, and probably the most over-qualified person ever to contribute to “Tastes Like Chicken.”

I’ll leave you guys with a few pieces of Don’s work:

Illustration by Don Punchatz.

Illustration by Don Punchatz.

Illustration by Don Punchatz.

Illustration by Don Punchatz.

It was an honor knowing you, sir,


Old Poop!