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Stone (Mimran Schur Pictures)

1. I love Ed Norton, Robert De Niro and Milla Jovovich. But while their performances were all great, the story of “Stone” fell flat for me. Proof that a great cast doesn’t always make for a great film.

2. The film features a collaborative score of ambient noise and sounds from Jon Brion and a couple of the fellas from Radiohead. The music is, by far, the best aspect of the movie.

3. “Stone” is shot well, it’s pretty. But again, not pretty enough to make me want to watch it again.

4. Frances Conroy offers up a solid supporting role as the religious wife of De Niro’s character. Keep your ears open for the line, “Get me another fucking drink, cocksucker.”

5. Milla Jovovich has some freakish nipples! The film has a long shot of them in profile and, man, they look like someone stuck two Tootsie Rolls on her chest! Of course, this makes me love her more.

For a better De Niro/Norton pairing watch “The Score,”


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