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So just in case you haven’t heard, the Nintendo Wii is now compatible with Netflix. A few days ago we were informed that our Netflix disc for the Wii was in the mail. Today, it came.

It’s. Fucking. Awesome.

I know the Xbox 360 has the same capabilities, but I’ve never even touched an Xbox so I had no clue what instant streaming movies was like. It’s fantastic! Within twelve seconds I was enjoying “A Nightmare on Elm Street” on our not-flat-screen television! Amazing!

I swear, I’ve seen a lot of technology get introduced over the past 33 years but very little of it has impressed me like this. Sure, the iPhone. And the Swiffer. But other than those two things, this might be the best goddamn invention since the Greek orgy.

The future truly is here, folks; and it brought Robert Englund with it.

Better than traveling in tubes,


Old Poop!