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…all the way from the Philippines.

Today, just before she left work, my girlfriend IM’d me this:

lucky_girlfriend (6:56:44 PM): Leaving in a minute. Gonna stop by the pet store on my way home.

lucky_girlfriend (6:57:17 PM): Do we have enough canned cat food for Lille?

lucky_girlfriend (6:58:05 PM): I’ll just grab a couple of cans.

I know the whole thing about Filipinos eating cats and dogs is supposed to be funny, but that’s just mean!

Then again, Lille is staying here and watching our cat, Meatshake, next week while we’re out of town. Maybe that’s what my girlfriend meant. Hmmm….

Nah! You just rude, girl!

Lille actually eats dog food,


Old Poop!