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…in just a few hours.

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…I will be at the San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July 26th.

I’ll be signing books (or anything else you care to have my name scribbled on) at the Shadowline/Silverline booth on Saturday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and on Sunday from 11:00 AM to noon.

There’s also a chance that my sister Bethany, who I collaborated with on an upcoming children’s book, might also be at the table during those same times. So if you’re Con bound that weekend, stop by the booth and meet some Shadys.

These times could change, but if they do I’ll be sure to post updated information as the date gets closer.

Whale’s vagina,


A friend of mine just sent me a link to Cinespia which appears to be a weekly event that’s held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery here in Los Angeles.

Cinespia’s idea is simple: Take old movies, project them on the side of a mausoleum, and let folks enjoy the film (and some bring-your-own booze) as they sit and sip in the middle of a cemetery. Awesome.

And what’s the feature film on Saturday, July 25th? “The Muppet Movie.”

What’s cooler than sitting on top of a bunch of dead people while the Muppets are projected on the wall of a structure that contains dead people? That’s right, nothing.

The only problem? I’ll be in San Diego at the Comic Convention that weekend. Bah!

Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll play “The Dark Crystal” in August.

You’ve won this time, Cinespia! But this fight is far from over!

Learn more about Cinespia here.

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