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San Diego by any other name...

Thank you, Ron Burgundy,


…last Friday for a few hours. Admittedly, most of the time, I looked like this:

But I did get to hang out (albeit briefly) with my Uncle John and Aunt Teri.

That made it worth the trip.

Another con down,


Featuring photos of:

The “Lost” panel!

The "Lost" panel

Freddie Highmore!

Freddie Highmore

And blacknanas!


Click here to see all of the pics!

Smells like melted butter around here,


…in just a few hours.

I’ll try and update “The Blarg” from the road, but if you want to keep track of my minute-by-minute mobile updates, make sure you’re following me on Twitter.



Featuring pictures of…

Mirrored elevator ceilings!

Mirrored elevator ceiling

Tony Gwynn looking like a badass!

Tony Gwynn

The Hotel del Coronado!

Hotel del Coronado

And more! Click here to view them all!

Stay classy, San Diego,


Old Poop!