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And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are some outtakes:

Grey hates Santa.

Still hates him.

Still hates him.

Still hates him.

And still hates him.

A joke months in the making,


Damien Santow!

…for this MySpace article! Dig it!

Ho, ho, ho,


Oh, man.

…with this amazing pack of reusable stickers…

More hilarity!

…this short deck of playing cards…

Funny Pages!

…and this newsprint edition of The Funny Pages.

The envelopes they come in are pretty sweet, as well.

Sick Santa!

Dead Santa!

Funeral Santa!

Thanks again to Erik and Robyn for the gift that keeps on giving!

The envelopes are hanging amongst our Christmas cards,


Ho, ho, WHOA!

I’m gonna try that stepladder trick with KB,


Have a great one, sweethearts.

You shouldn’t be online,


…thank you so much for the postcard you sent me from Cave of the Mounds!

But seriously, who the hell are you?

Relocating from the North Pole,


Sketchy Santas!

…the People of Wal-Mart is… SKETCHY SANTAS!

Dig it!

Smile for the camera,


Old Poop!