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Bacon is next!

She’s still got it,



…but I’m pretty sure I’ll pass.

I prefer my meats non-streaky,


She was visiting from Singapore along with her friend Sally, who is from Taiwan.

I was sitting at a table working (i.e. drinking) alone; Eve and Sally were sitting at the table beside me. I remember being impressed with them because, even though they are both very petite women, they were chugging down one-liter beers like pros.

We struck up a conversation, and I soon ditched my table to join theirs. Shortly after that, our waiter took a seat with us and joined in the conversation. Our table was the United Nations of beer-drinking! We were four strangers from four different countries, quickly becoming friends over two things almost everyone can agree on: beer and sausage.

I shot this photo of our unlikely group of new friends:

Hofbräuhaus friends!

Eventually, Eve and Sally had to leave (they were leaving for Paris the next day), and our waiter had to get back to work (or go drink with some other customers), but before we went our separate ways I gave my info to each of them and said, “If you’re ever in L.A. let’s get a drink.”

Last week, Eve came to Los Angeles! We quickly picked up where we had left off two months earlier: at a bar over beers.

Eve! In Los Angeles!

It was great seeing her again, and I look forward to drinking with her in a new country soon. As long as Eve is there, any country/beer will do.

Got a place to stay in Singapore now,


I'm dreaming of a Polish (sausage) Christmas!

Thanks to Adam and Sophie for the care package,


This morning, for whatever reason, my friends started sending around YouTube links (no pun intended) for sausage videos.

And I, being the generous person I am, wanted to share all of this sausagey goodness with you.

First up: A vintage Hungarian sausage commercial!

Next: A Jimmy Dean sausage complaint!

And finally, because I miss home: Klement’s Sausage Race from Miller Park!

Special thanks to Dwellephant and Jocco for passing along these meaty morsels.

Everyone’s a wiener,


Old Poop!