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…and make me proud.

Walker’s next,


…but this time he’s not going after the unions. No, this time he’s going after the civil liberties of same-sex couples.

Learn more here, then go here to sign a petition to stop Walker’s bigotry.

Scott Walker is a present day Joseph McCarthy,


Good riddance.

Dumbass doesn’t even begin to describe him,


don’t think this is over.

Welcome to your first and last term as Wisconsin governor.

Recall imminent,


…and shows his loyalty to his master, billionaire/libertarian financier David Koch of Koch Industries. Check out the full story here.

The short of it: Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast prank called Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and had a twenty-minute conversation with him… while pretending to be David Koch.


Another interesting note for anyone actually supporting Walker (though I have no clue how anyone in good conscience could do so) is this story that ran last month in “The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.”

Again, the short of it: Last year, then-Milwaukee county executive Scott Walker privatized the security force at the Milwaukee County Courthouse under the guise of saving taxpayers money. The public employees were let go and a private security firm was hired to take over. Not only was the guy the private security firm put in charge of the operation a convicted felon, but the fired public workers sued and recently won an arbitration hearing that could potentially cost Milwaukee taxpayers nearly a half-million dollars.

Yeah… that’s being fiscal as hell, Walker. Nice try.

Still fighting,


I encourage everyone to click on the image above, download the hi-res, and then use it as a sign, print it on a t-shirt, make it your Facebook profile pic, etc.

On, Wisconsin,


Old Poop!