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The “Lost” panel!

The "Lost" panel

Freddie Highmore!

Freddie Highmore

And blacknanas!


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Smells like melted butter around here,



…I will be at the San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July 26th.

I’ll be signing books (or anything else you care to have my name scribbled on) at the Shadowline/Silverline booth on Saturday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and on Sunday from 11:00 AM to noon.

There’s also a chance that my sister Bethany, who I collaborated with on an upcoming children’s book, might also be at the table during those same times. So if you’re Con bound that weekend, stop by the booth and meet some Shadys.

These times could change, but if they do I’ll be sure to post updated information as the date gets closer.

Whale’s vagina,


…I thought about writing a story about two old grandmothers (both recently widowed) who meet and fall in love at a retirement home.

I was interested in writing this story because I wanted to write about something that was far from my grasp of normal, everyday life. And what could be further from “normal” to me than lesbian grannies, right?

Eventually, this story would morph into “The Roberts”, a graphic novel I released last year with Shadowline/Image Comics. The lesbians became serial killers, the women became men.

When I was doing press and interviews for “The Roberts” I would openly discuss my creative process for the book and how the story sprouted from this idea of lesbian grandmothers.

Here and here are examples of such interviews.

So imagine my surprise today when my girlfriend sends me this link to an article in “Variety” magazine.

Lesbian grannies, huh? In a nursing facility. Really?

Not sure how to feel about that. That’s either a huge coincidence or outright thievery. Guess I’ll let you guys decide.

Contacting my lawyers,


…right here.

It’s a thin line,


…were interviewed on a local morning show in Milwaukee last month for “Missing the Boat.”

It’s not the most thrilling interview we’ve ever given, but there are a couple funny moments in there.



So I have two new children’s books coming out this August. I’m going to wait on talking about the second one until the work on it has wrapped, but the first one is a book called “The Lava is a Floor!”

I wrote the book with my longtime friend (and old college roommate) Jeremy R. Scott (also known in larger circles as “Jocco”), and once again it was an honor and a privilege to be able to work with someone I’ve known for so long.

“The Lava is a Floor!” is the tale of a brother and sister duo of monsters named Blarg and Clarg who live in the crater of a volcano. One day, they find themselves bored as can be and decide to use their imaginations and pretend to become the weirdest creatures they know: humans.

Jeremy did a great (and exceptionally fast) job at bringing Blarg and Clarg to life, and I wanted to share the first five pages of the book with you here:

"The Lava is a Floor!" page one

"The Lava is a Floor!" page two

"The Lava is a Floor!" page three

"The Lava is a Floor!" page four

"The Lava is a Floor!" page five

Published by Silverline Books under the umbrella of Image/Shadowline Comics, “The Lava is a Floor!” will be available in specialty shops and comic stores this August, and all other bookstores across the country this November, just in time for the Holidays!

So keep an eye out here for more “Lava” updates and shenanigans, and stay tuned for the announcement of my other children’s book.

I can’t believe they let me write kids’ books,


…right here!



this was printed on the box:

"Mussing the Boat"

Sure it was printed in Korea, but COME ON! “Mussing the Boat” sounds like something having to do with poop and a pier.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Dissing the boat,


Clocking in at 144 pages of murder and mayhem, Image/Shadowline releases a collected trade of the sold-out two-issue mini-series “The Roberts” today!

"The Roberts" graphic novel cover

Head on out to your local comic shop or indie bookstore and pick yourself up a copy. Or you can hop on over to here and get one delivered right to your front door!

Erik and I worked hard on this puppy and we’re damn proud of it. The collected trade includes 48 pages of new material including correspondence between yours truly and Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez, as well as a brand-new four-page story.

Dig it, and dig it well!


Or at least that’s what I’m being told.

Lemme bring you up to speed:

I wrote a little all-ages book called “Missing the Boat” that Image/Shadowline/Silverline is publishing. This 88-page full-color beauty was drawn by the super-talented Serbian monster Dwellephant! And the best part?!? The best part, my friends, is that this book is in stores today!

Don’t have a copy? Call up your local indie bookshop and order one.

Don’t have any legs to get to said local indie bookshop? Visit here and order one.

Want me to sign your book? Awesome, because I totally want to sign it! Unfortunately, I don’t have my copies yet, so you’ll have to wait!

Want to play a fun online game? Click here for Puzzle Farter!

Dwellephant and I worked hard on this book for months, and I’m so happy and proud (and relieved) that it’s finally out. Now I just hope it sells a million copies so I can finally pay off my school loans.

Or I hope it sells at least ten copies.

I need a life bailout,


PS: Check out the cover for the book here:

"Missing the Boat" cover

And our awesome “About the Author & Artist” photo here:

"Missing the Boat" creators

Special thanks to Kat Berger for taking the photo.

Old Poop!