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About time,



…for sending me this photo from near her place in Phoenix, Arizona!

Thanks, Wendy!

Also, thanks for your support, Wendy.

I do something Shady every single day,


That'll work.

Still pretty accurate,



If you can read this… I fell off,



CNN tells it like it is,


"A month from now, best-case scenario, I'm managing a Cinnabon in Omaha."

I wish I had that much hair,


…visited a few weeks ago, and he brought me a gift.

Loren! And a new Shady sweatshirt!

A new Shady sweatshirt to replace my old ruined one!

Believe it or not, Loren came across this sweatshirt at Goodwill. So awesome.

Thanks for extending the Shady sweatshirt legacy with your generous gift, Loren.

He can come to Food Night anytime,


The Shady! A burger named after me...

…for sending me this menu card all the way from London!

Byron’s Shady Burger was inspired by yours truly…

...or not.

…or something like that.

I prefer to live in delusion,



…but I swear I never met that woman, nor did I perform her butt surgery.

Covering my ass… and apparently she should’ve covered hers,


…but it took a trip to Disney World for us to actually go ahead and get them.

Check out how spot-on these are! The guy cut them in two minutes! Amazing!

KB is pretty accurate…

Disney Silhouette: KB

…but I’m seriously waiting for mine to start talking.

Disney Silhouette: Shady