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…his vagina would be hanging out.

I normally don’t condone the public humiliation of private citizens, but this guy was a fucking jag, treating every employee in the store like total shit.

You deserve what you get, man purse.

Nice loafers,


…my mom and dad took me to Disney World in Florida. I was five years old, and it was my first time in a Disney park.

A couple days ago, my dad scanned a bunch of old negatives from that trip. Yesterday, he sent a batch of them to Bethany and me. (Note: Bethany wasn’t on this trip because she was only nine months old at the time. My parents left her with our grandparents.)

I was going through all of the images when I came across this photo:

This picture got me wondering: Dad, why didn’t you bring your short shorts on vacation with you?

Super Dad indeed,


Old Poop!