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Oh, man.

…with this amazing pack of reusable stickers…

More hilarity!

…this short deck of playing cards…

Funny Pages!

…and this newsprint edition of The Funny Pages.

The envelopes they come in are pretty sweet, as well.

Sick Santa!

Dead Santa!

Funeral Santa!

Thanks again to Erik and Robyn for the gift that keeps on giving!

The envelopes are hanging amongst our Christmas cards,


…which resulted in an impromptu trip to our vet this morning.

$400 later (fucking seriously), we got these:


...expensively fucking healthy.

The X-rays were looking for intestinal obstructions. They didn’t find any. So rather than let our $400 go to waste, I figured I’d share them here with all of you.


This is the most expensive post ever,


…and you know, this movie just doesn’t hold up when they edit out every swear word and ounce of nudity.

They can’t even say “hair pie” on cable?!? What the fuck?!?

Gonna have to pick it up on DVD.

I say we blow the fuckers up,


Old Poop!