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Don't eat where you shit, my friend.

If they posted a sign it’s because they caught someone doing it,


Matt Frewer lives!

Matt Frewer lives,


Come to our yard sale... IF YOU DARE!

…or at least a house where people were horribly murdered.

At least they didn’t use the Chiller font,



Everyone needs a spellchecker,


No shit.

Wish I had seen that before I took pills with urinal water,


WHEN there is a fire?!?

They clearly know something we don’t,


this print from my good friend Amanda Hope Cook, I also bought this print as a belated Christmas gift for my sister Bethany!

"Planters Peanuts" by Amanda Hope Cook!

Couldn’t post it until I gave it to her,


"Goody Boy" by Amanda Hope Cook.

…of the Michael’s Goody Boy Diner sign in Columbus, Ohio.

From May 1999 to July 2003, I lived just a few blocks away from Goody Boy. I saw that sign nearly every day for over four years. It’s pure nostalgia for me. And one hell of a painting.

Learn more about Amanda and her work (and then buy some) here.

Yep, that’s a painting,


See ya...

...faded signs.

…so after many months, we no longer need these faded signs on our front door.

Now if we could just teach Meatshake to not pee on us while we sleep,



…but I love the guy who made that sign.

Pretty sure I had an “EASY FART VICTORY” once,


Old Poop!