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Skeletons from Becky and Ben!

…for these awesome skeletons!

Seriously gonna have to count the amount of skulls in this apartment,


…including her three-year-old nephew Anthony.

The night before they left, Anthony woke up in bed crying. When asked what was bothering him, he pointed to this illustration that our good friend Jocco did of me and KB as Day of the Dead skeletons.

His mother took it down, and Anthony fell back to sleep.

I found it funny because he didn’t seem to have a problem with any of the other framed art hanging in the room, including this other Jocco illustration of notorious serial killers playing Spin the Bottle…

…or this The Little Friends of Printmaking print of an orgy…

…that includes this little guy fucking a human skull.

Skeletons are the scariest,


I forgot to post these earlier, but here are a few photos of our Halloween costumes this year.

Kathy and I went as Dia de los Muertos skeletons. I painted my noggin like a plain white skull, while Kathy got really detailed and decorated her face with intricate patterns and designs. Pretty awesome.

Click on each image to view a larger version:

Halloween 2009 costumes!

Halloween 2009 costumes!

Halloween 2009 costumes!

What did everyone else go as? Post pictures!

Next year we’re going as white people,


Old Poop!