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…I went to see “Back to the Future” at the Skyway Cinemas in Milwaukee.

I remember this vividly because not only was “Back to the Future” unlike any movie I had seen before, but it was also the first movie I ever took a girl to. Sure, my parents dropped us off, but there we were sitting together in the dark! I had a crush on Amy Hill since the first grade and, man, do I remember being nervous; so nervous, in fact, that I decided not to sit directly next to her.

Yeah… that was awkward.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe it but that bit of childhood innocence was twenty-five years ago. Skyway Cinemas is now a church (no shit), Amy Hill is now Amy Hill-Lintner, and I’m… well, bald.

Somehow, the one thing that hasn’t changed in the past twenty-five years is “Back to the Future.” It still holds up as a great movie, and a group of folks here in L.A. have decided to celebrate both the film and its anniversary with an event this November.

The event, titled “We’re Going Back,” will be held in Burbank from November 5th thru the 12th (the dates that Marty goes back to in the film). In addition to numerous celebrities being on hand for the event, attendees will have the opportunity to recreate Marty’s week in 1955 as they visit various shooting locations from the film.

The best part? All proceeds from the event go to Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research. You can buy tickets for the entire week or for individual events, so click here to learn more and purchase tickets.

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