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Thomas McKenzie... AKA Smokin' Joe Blow.

…formerly known in a previous life as Smokin’ Joe Blow, wrote this fantastic article for The Seattle Collegian.

Such a long way from Pen & Think,


…who has been known to go by the name Smokin’ Joe Blow from time to time, just had his first novel published.

Titled KnoWare Man, the book is a sci-fi adventure story about cryogenics, implanted bombs and a shitload of smoking. If that’s not enough to hook your interest, the book also features an intro written by yours truly. Buy it for that!

Hard copies of the book are available here for $13.00; a digital download of the book is also available for $6.66.

Congrats to Thomas!

Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy,


Old Poop!