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Seriously? Wow.

I know it might seem like I sit at home all day long, drinking beer and updating The Blarg, but the truth is I spend much of my day writing.

Lately, most of my writing has been on long-form projects. Because of this, I sometimes write a short (most times comedic, other times not so much) to break up the monotony of those longer projects. But while these shorts are fun to write as an exercise, nobody ever really gets to read them.

To remedy this, I’ve decided to share them here. I’m doing this for two reasons:

1. I like to share! That, and it’s better than having them sit on my computer.

2. It’s my hope that someone might be inspired to actually do something creative with them. Want to film one as a short? Awesome. Interested in animating one? Go for it. Feel like performing one live onstage? I dare you. All I ask is that you give me credit where it’s due, and (if possible) send me a copy of the final product.

The twenty-seventh of Shady’s Shorts is called “Real Conversations: Stainless Steel.”

Unlike previous Shady’s Shorts, “Real Conversations” will be an ongoing series of shorts that document actual conversations I’ve either recently overheard or had with people. The fourth of this series is titled “Stainless Steel.”

Download it by clicking below.


Number twenty-six,


“Real Conversations: Stainless Steel” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Created by Justin Shady, ©2016.

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