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…from those Stanley Steemer commercials.

This is like when your grandmother dies and you find out that she’s a piñata,


…who some of you may recognize from these Stanley Steemer commercials, this Monday Night Football commercial, and this McDonald’s commercial, appears in these eight new Stanley Steemer spots.

Popping up everywhere,


…tomorrow on “The View.”

He filmed a brief Stanley Steemer spot that will run during tomorrow’s show.

I can’t believe I have two friends who have been on “The View,”


Holy crap!

A few days ago I posted this about my friend Dave Theune appearing in commercials for Stanley Steemer. Today, “The New York Times” published this.

Once again, congrats to Dave!

Theune’s gonna be the next Batman,


…is the new Stanley Steemer guy!

Keep an eye out for Dave in these new commercials!

He is a doctor,


Old Poop!