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It was a constant reminder of the situation we were in. And, I guess technically, one we’re still in for another 34 days, but you get the point.

Out with the old... asshole.

But last night, I decided it was time for a change.

Let the sunshine in!

He’s been erased from my computer. And hopefully, over time, from history.

I feel better now,


…for this awesome Luke Flowers Arcade Dayz print of Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog playing, obviously, Frogger.

Luke Flowers' "Arcade Dayz" print of Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog playing "Frogger."

He also threw in a few sweet stickers…

Sweet stickers!

…as well as his take on a Press Your Luck Whammy.


Basking in these gifts like Michael Larson,

– Shady

Fuck this clown.

…from Pins Won’t Save the World (as designed by Sagmeister & Walsh).

Get your own stickers (and pins and shirts and prints and whatnot) here.

They won’t save the world… but at least they look cool,



…for these sheets of awesome birthday stickers.

They include a ton of poop stickers, “PRINCESS JUSTIN IS TURNING FORTY” stickers, “40 AND STILL SMOKIN’ HOT” stickers, “480 MONTHS” stickers, and stickers with three Muppets and Elmo wishing me a happy birthday on it.

Thanks, guys! A lot of these are already stuck to things.

Sticker sucker,


…my tanks would look like this:

Want! Both the stickers and the brewery!

I love me some stickers,



At least there were stickers.

That’s not even our address,


…after we got back from our trip back home for the holidays.

I hit the jackpot toward the end of last year! Look at all this sweet swag I got!

I got new stickers (including two Classic Slice Pizza stickers by Dwellephant)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…a sweet-ass MKE coffee cup (plus a print and a bag of coffee) from Stone Creek Coffee (Thanks, Milan and Dori!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…a Dwellephant Mucca Pazza print…

Merry Christmas to me!

…a new Milwaukee Brewing Co. pint glass (Thanks, Tiggins!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…an iron and devilish Krampus “ornament” (Thanks, Sean!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…and KB and I returned home to find gifts from our good friends Mark and Julius (who were staying at our place while we were out of town), including this print from Montana-based photographer Juan de Santa Anna…

Merry Christmas to me!

…and three jars of artisan jams from Oregon.

Merry Christmas to me!

We also returned home to find boxes of Muth’s Candy Modjeskas and Kentucky Bourbons waiting for us (Thanks, Lattas!)…

Merry Christmas to me!

…and this scented candle in an old Wilhelm Scream beer bottle and a few Poo Pourri samples (Thanks, Jamie and Dave!).

Merry Christmas to me!

Thanks for the gifts, everyone! And sorry for the delay in giving thanks.

At least I posted it before Easter,


Oh, man.

…with this amazing pack of reusable stickers…

More hilarity!

…this short deck of playing cards…

Funny Pages!

…and this newsprint edition of The Funny Pages.

The envelopes they come in are pretty sweet, as well.

Sick Santa!

Dead Santa!

Funeral Santa!

Thanks again to Erik and Robyn for the gift that keeps on giving!

The envelopes are hanging amongst our Christmas cards,


Ice Ice Shady!

Wisconsin proud, motherfuckers!

…for all of these sweet birthday goodies!

Shirt for the skin, stickers for the suitcase,


Thanks, Jocco!

…for this Halloween-themed birthday card and these sheets of stickers!

I’ll thank him in person in just ten days,


Old Poop!