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…and a few famous wrestlers showed up to our party.

Sting, distracted by toys and cookies, mostly ignored the ring action…

Cookies beat wrestling!

…and “Mean” Gene Okerlund just drooled all over the place.

He's so mean!

Road Warrior Hawk made a yummy salsa…

Salsa Hawk!

…and Chyna got a tiny bit drunk.

Pretty spot-on, actually.

Big shock, I know.

That wig has come in handy twice now,


That is so... something.

…forĀ this Myspace article! Dig it!

Sting vs. Sting,


…to pick up a steak and some asparagus.

I walked over to the butcher and pointed to the steak I wanted. Here’s the exact conversation (or pretty close, at least) that followed:

Me: Can I have that one?

Butcher: This one?

Me: Yep.

Butcher: I have a trivia question for you. I’m going to give you a quote from a television show and you tell me what show it’s from.

Me: Ahhh… okay?

Butcher: The quote is: “Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn.”

Me: Shit… it’s familiar but I can’t place it.

Butcher: “Animaniacs.” They would say it at the end of every episode.

Me: That’s right!

Butcher: Here you go.

And then he handed me my steak and I walked away. Weird, right? Just wait, it gets weirder.

I walked up to the express checkout lane and placed my items on the belt. This is the exact conversation I had with the cashier:

Me: Hello.

Cashier: Hey. I was watching a special on MTV last night, and they were saying that song from the eighties, the one where Sting is singing backup and they’re talking about money for nothing–

Me: Dire Straits?

Cashier: That’s them. Did you know that album sold more than 30 million copies?

Me: Nope. Sure didn’t.

Cashier: It did. But I think it was mostly due to that “Money for Nothing” song being on there.

Me: Probably.

Cashier: I mean, 30 million albums. That’s probably equal to what Britney Spears or someone like that sells today.

Me: Yep, you’re probably right.

Cashier: Alright, man. You have a good night.

Me: You, too.

And then he handed me my receipt and I walked away. That’s it. He never even asked for my savings card or gave me a total. That was literally the entire conversation.


Grocery stores are the new libraries,


Old Poop!