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…but something tells me they still haven’t worked out all of the bugs on the mobile version of their site.


...not even close.

I’d actually go see those bands,


Summerfest Tickets = FOUND! But of no use to anyone anymore.

…I finally found those Summerfest tickets you asked me to give away.

Nine days too late,


…which is Milwaukee’s annual music festival, when I was in town last week.

Volkswagen had a tent set up there, and in the tent was a bicycle-powered photo booth. The idea was simple: get on the bike and pedal for a minute or so to generate enough power to run the photo booth, then get inside and snap a shot that Volkswagen would then email to you.

I pedaled. My mom and I got inside the booth and got our photo taken. And when I got home, this photo was in my inbox.

That’s not me or my mom,


Old Poop!