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…I posted this long-lost clip of Stevie Wonder performing “Superstition” on “Sesame Street” back in the seventies.

My friend Josh Peters runs his own blog (Lunchbox Unlimited) and, along with a group of fellow artists, is a part of something called “Sketch-a-Day” where, well, he does a new sketch of artwork every day. Or mostly every day.

Anyway, Josh decided that today’s sketch would be inspired by that video of Stevie funking out on “Sesame,” and here’s what he came up with:

Josh Peters' "Stevie on Sesame Street"

Awesome job, man! I especially love Mr. Hooper playing the broom!

Be sure to check out Josh’s site to see more of his work.



…my girlfriend sent me a link to this. There, you’ll find ten classic clips from “Sesame Street.”

Of course, being a huge fan of the show, I had seen all of those clips before. But then, at the very end of the post, the editor had a tiny, unmarked link to this:

That’s six minutes and forty-eight seconds of “Sesame Street” I had never seen before.


That kid freaking out on the fire escape is the best part,


Old Poop!