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Is it me?

Kid Rock approves!

I don’t miss hair that much,



…and I find out by learning that they’ve trained them to catch tuna?!?

Holy craps!

Not sure if that would be adorable or terrifying to witness,


PS: If anyone wants to illustrate what that might look like, I’ll definitely post it.


Its vision is based on movement,


This time, it’s of KB’s sister Annette and her husband Dave.

Dave (top) + Annette (bottom) =

Still not as scary as KB and Sarah,


…that blends images together to make one (almost always creepy) image.

Here are a few of my first test runs.

Me (top) + Bill (bottom) =

Shady + Bill

Mr. Fabulous + Bowery =

Mr. Fabulous + Bowery

Sarah (left) + KB (right) =

Sarah + KB

Sarah (top) + KB (bottom) =

Sarah + KB

KB + Sarah =

KB + Sarah

Jonah + Me =

Jonah + Me

Holy split, those are terrifying,


unfortunately, it was a documentary.

Check out the trailer for “Hell House” right here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.



But it does feature a cover of the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” as re-imagined by Chali 2na, Dan the Automator, and Domino and Casual of Hieroglyphics.

Enjoy… being terrified!

What you hear is not a test,



Old Poop!